Tonepie 65L Automatic Smart Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning Fully Enclosed Cat Litter Box Pet Toilet Litter Tray English versions

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  • Is Smart Device: YES
  • Model Number: smart cat litter box
  • Feature: Totally Closed
  • Material: Plastic
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: cats
  • No: Ti Pro
  • app language: English, Spanish, French. German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japane
  • app language2: Korean,Arabic (language)
  • Instruction manual language: English(You can contact us to send the manual electronically in other)
  • key language: English
  • litter tray: Intelligent litter tray,large capacity
  • Pet toilet type: Enclosed
  • Is it intelligent: Yes
  • cat litter box: litter box
  • cat box: automatic cat litter box self cleaning
  • cat litter: self cleaning litter box
  • cat litter box automatic: cat toilet
  • rabbit litter box: cat litter box enclosure
  • dropshipping: support
  • Specifications: XL

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The buttons are in English and the app can be switched to: English, Spanish, French. German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean.
Smart Cat Litter Box Automatic Self Cleaning APP Control Pet Toilet Litter Tray Ionic Deodorizer Pet Products Arenero Gato 65L

  • Smart Cleaning self cleaning litter box has automatic cleaning modes, you can watch the cat litter box clean itself versus fighting the dust. The one-click cat litter replace function can empty the old litter at one time, no more scooping! Truly free your hands.

  • Innovative Deodorization Technologyself cleaning cat litter box adopts innovative electronics Ionic deodorizer, which is safe and non-toxic, no need to replace any consumables. The Ionic deodorizer will start working after your cat has finished pooping, reducing odor emissions into the room.

  • Low Maintenanceautomatic cat litter box is big enough for up to 3 adult cats. Worry free of replacing cat litter frequently, excellent for anyone who is busy. Cleaning automatic litter box is effortless, it only comes in two parts, pretty easy to assemble and disassemble, and you can flush the litter cylinder. Note that the base should not get wet.

  • APP Control -automatic self cleaning cat litter box can be connected to the network to use the app for remote control, when you go travel and can still have the litter box cleaned from wherever you are. And this app lets you know the cat’s usage data and when the litter box is full. Moreover, you can make more detailed settings for cleaning mode or your cat litter type etc.

  • Patented Structure Design – The design of cat litter box is inspired by the lunar re-entry capsule, has an patented structure that integrates the litter bin and cylinder, so your cat will never get caught in. And the kitten litter box front – entry height is 5.9 inches, friendly to short-legged cats.

  • For Variety of Cat Litter- kitten litter box has a specially designed filter with an innovative lightning-shaped structure, suitable for use with plant litter, bentonite litter, clay litter and all other types of cat litter on the market (EXCEPT CRYSTAL CAT LITTERS)

    Product name:Cat Litter Box
    Size:48*51.6*50.5cm Diameter of the door:24.5cm   Noise:lower than 35db   Litter Capacity:9L   Inner Space:65L


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