Dog Treat Toy Interactive Tumbler Robot Slow Food Feeder Puppy Cat Snack Treat Dispenser Dog Supplies for Pet Dogs IQ Training

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SKU: 1005006262329192


  • Is Smart Device: no
  • Set Type: YES
  • Toys Type: Interactive Toys
  • Material: Plastic
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Dogs
  • Brand Name: Ollie Pet
  • 1: best selling products dogs
  • Help for training and behavior: indestructible dog toy
  • 2: Dog toy robot
  • 3: Dog Treat Leaking Toy
  • 4: Dog Puzzle Toys

Description : 

1PCS Pet Food Interactive Tumbler Robot Dog Toys Slow Feeder Puppy Toy Snack Treat Dispenser Dog Supplies for Pet Dogs IQ Training

  • Product: Dog Food Dispenser

  • Material: ABS

  • Color: Turquoise,Green,Yellow,Black

  • Fit for Small Medium Large Dogs(Chihuahua,French Bulldog,

    Yorkshire,Dachshund,Pug,Beagle,Schnauzer,Poodles.Boxer,Pitbull,Bull Terrier,Golden retriever,Labrador retriever,German Shepherd……)


【New upgrade toy】
intelligent robot tumbler design. Rolling balance system, no electric drive required, it will keep standing no matter how the dog pushes it. Dogs can be rewarded by constantly pushing it, greatly extending pet eating time and fun. When the toy swings back and forth, it can still move without external force, which increases the fun of cats and dogs.

【Improve IQ】
Interactive puzzle, move it with nose or paw, improve IQ, let the dog enjoy the fun of feeding. Improved foraging coordination.

【Protect Your Dog’s Stomach】
Fill the dog and cat treat toys with your dog’s favorite treats to promote active, healthy slow feeding and protect your pet’s gastrointestinal health.

Inspire their enthusiasm for learning by pairing them with treats and playtime. Replace boring dog rubber toys and chew sticks. Your dog will be more active and having fun. Reduce destructive behavior.

【Safe and Easy to Use】
Made of strong ABS material, safe and non-toxic. You can easily add your dog’s favorite treats, no assembly required, rinse with warm soapy water and dry after use. NOTE: The size of the treats should match the drain. Suitable for small to medium dogs and cats of all sizes.

The dog treats must be smaller than about 1..2cm in diameter to fit through the hole, don’t worry, most puppy and kitten treats will go through.

This is not a chew toy, ABS material may not be suitable for domineering dogs
Multifunctional educational toy that combines a toy car, thumb pick and fun pet feeder all in one. It can improve intelligence and is an interactive and boredom-relieving pet toy. Violent play is not allowed.



There may be a 1 ~ 3cm error because of manual measurement. The pictures might have little color error ( Chromatic aberration). Thanks for your understanding.

The diameter of the leaked food is about 1.2cm, 0.5 inches , and the snacks or grains are less than 1.2cm, which can be used normally.
If it is larger than 1.2cm, it will be stuck and not applicable.

The food put in should not exceed 1.2cm in diameter.

For dogs and cats
Pet feeder toy 
Relieve anxiety 
Improve intelligence 
Move by gravity
Transparent barn lid
The wheel Food leak hole 
The robot

[Pet puzzle toy] Designed with the appearance of the intelligent robot,a multi-function puzzle toy, integrating the toy cara tumblerand the fun pet feederThrough playing with the toy, pets can get food rewardsthus to promote their brain development and enhance theirintelligence

[Anti-overturn design] This toy adopts self-balancing systeno need electric drive, it will move back and forth by pets light push; it will not be overturned however swinging it, greatly increasing the fun of playing.

[Fun pet feeder toy] With flip-type transparent granary lidpet food or treats can be added into the toy. The toy will wobble back and forth by pets fiddling or pushing during which pet dry food or treats will fall outwhich increased pets love on the toy This design allows the pet to be rewarded with treatswhich increased the playability and fun of the toy.

[Easy to add pet food] Flip the transparent lid upward with your thumb,directly adc proper amount of pet dry food or treats inside the toy barnthen flip downward to close the barn. After that you can let your pet play with the toy.

[Sturdy, hard to damage]This toy is made of food-grade ABS&PC.It is strong, wear resistant and durable, suitable for small and medium sized dogs and cats of all sizes

[Easy to use] This toy is easy to use; it can be used directly indoors or outdoors, without assembly.

Pets favorite toyl This toy can replace the owner’s role it can help exercise your pets relieve their daily anxiety without the owner being aroundincrease their happiness enhance their IQmaking them moreintelligent.


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