ATUBAN Interactive Cat Feeder Toy,Treat Dispenser Exercise Toys,Feeding Food Toy Dispenser,Car Indoors- Sounding Bell cat tower

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SKU: 1005005872304368


  • Is Smart Device: no
  • Material: Plastic
  • Toys Type: Balls
  • Brand Name: ATUBAN
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • CN: Hunan
  • Type: cats

About this item
HAPPY CAT PROMISE / STRESS RELIEVER: Having a feline friend in your house means you have to take good care of it and let it be a happy cat. This interactive cat feeding toy is highly recommended as it ensures relief from stress and anxiety.
SUITABLE FOR ALL CAT SIZES: This interactive cat tumbler and feeding toy is suited for all cat sizes and breeds so you can be assured that it will fit your cat.
A LOT OF FUN / PROMOTES GOOD HEALTH: Being curious by nature, cats like to have some degrees of fun and adventure in their lives. To make sure that your little monster is not feeling bored, we have brought this cat toy automatic that keeps the cat always ready to play.
FOOD DISPENSER / ADJUSTABLE TREAT DISPENSING: Our product is an interactive cat toy that tactfully combines playtime with mealtime. Such mechanical cat toys stimulate your cats both mentally and physically. They actually learn to put some efforts to eat. What your cat gets is exercise along with portion control to manage weight. You can also adjust the treat dispensing gate so it gives more or less treats to your cat.
IMPROVES INTELLIGENCE: Interactive cat toys are a good source of providing mental stimulation. Getting their treat out of this swift cat toy improves their intelligence level
Are you trying to find the best cat toy gift set or other toys for cats to play alone? Marca has brought the best automated cat toys to keep your scratcher happy within the house. Color: Shaped like a mouse, our product is available in grey color. With yellow balls to attract felines, the combo looks eye-catching. Two-in-one: It is not just a toy for cat exercise or play, this is a two-in-one product that not just entertains felines but lets them eat the food playfully. Easy to Use: It is quite simple to use. Just open the top cover to put the treats inside. Environmental- Friendly: Manufactured with environmental-friendly and soft plastic, playing with it would not cause any harm to your cat. Order Now!


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